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The best of Costa Blanca Inland, also in winter

The best of Costa Blanca Inland, also in winter

Costa Blanca Inland is one of the favourite areas for tourists, especially English and Dutch, when they come to Spain on holiday. In addition, it’s also one of the main options for all foreigners who decide to come to our country to live. The reasons are usually the sun, the beach and the weather, but at Carbonell Real Estate we want to reaffirm that Costa Blanca Inland is still an ideal place to live, even in winter.

Climate and light remain stable

When autumn arrives and especially winter, the days become darker and much colder. In central and northern Europe countries there are few hours of sun a day and the temperatures hardly reach 10 degrees. On the other hand, in Costa Blanca Inland we also have winter and temperatures drop, but the conditions are different.

In middle-November the sun rises at 7:30 in the morning and leaves at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, which means that we have more than 10 hours of sun a day. The inland regions of the Valencian Community usually enjoy around 320 sunny days a year. Regarding the temperature, except for a few really cold days, the average temperature from November to March, is 14 degrees.

The mountain range of the Sierra de Mariola and Font Roja Natural Parks create a natural barrier that helps to consolidate the temperate climate of the area.

In addition, as we haven’t many rainy or snowy days, there aren’t problems with communications or with the interruption of public transport and school days.

Season products

In Costa Blanca Inland we have the Mediterranean diet, but also, we have a lot of typical mountain products that have become part of our gastronomic tradition.

Today we have any product throughout the year, but there is nothing like enjoying seasonal and proximity products. Costa Blanca Inland has developed a great market cuisine that is based on using the products of each season when it’s the appropriate moment, to ensure fresh and delicious dishes.

For instance, in winter it is the time of fruits like orange or tangerine and in this area, we enjoy the citrus fruits of Valencia, recognized all over the world for their flavour and freshness.

In Costa Blanca Inland there is a lot of rice culture, which goes beyond the famous Valencian paella. Rice such as ‘arroz al horno’ (baked), ‘arroz a banda’ (with seafood), black rice, ‘arroz con puchero’ and of course ‘fideuà’, noodles with seafood. The rice varies depending on the season and in winter highlights some as the ‘rice with cuttlefish and artichokes’ or the ‘Senyoret’ rice.

Of course, we can’t miss our Christmas gastronomic tradition. One of the most famous Christmas desserts in the province of Alicante is the ‘Turrón de Xixona’, made with almonds ground with honey.

Outdoor activities

As autumn and winter aren’t too dark or cold, social and leisure life continues outside. The temperate and the hours of sun allow a lot of opportunities for outdoor life, such as excursions and weekend activities in the countryside and in the mountains. For example, winter is also a good time to take walks through the Sierra de Mariola to enjoy the tranquillity and nature.

In addition, leisure activities in larger cities such as Alcoy or Ontinyent are not too affected by the arrival of winter. It is quite common to enjoy evenings with friends after work and to make endless plans for the weekend. In Costa Blanca Inland it does not matter if it’s winter, you still enjoy the good life.

Living in Costa Blanca Inland is a good decision; for the climate, sun, nature and the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea. For this reason, if you are thinking of coming to live in Costa Blanca Inland, you are right. From Carbonell Real Estate we not only find you the perfect home, we also explain the advantages of living here in autumn and winter.

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